Second shot = Replay!

tldr: click graphic to get exam replay offer.

Microsoft have run, at various times over the last few years, campaigns to give exam candidates a “second shot” at passing exams. Why? As Microsoft’s Liberty Munson (Principal Psychometrician for Microsoft Learning) writes: “certification exams are valid and reliable measures of the content areas that they are intended to measure”. Exams will test your understanding of Microsoft’s solutions, not just test how well you memorise and then regurgitate answers. This could mean not passing an exam on the first attempt. Remember, you don’t fail exams; you just haven’t passed it … yet!

Enter Microsoft’s latest special offer: Exam Replay.


There’s even an offer that gives you a replay on your exam, plus a practice test! This offer gives you an edge, the confidence that you’ve studied and understood the objectives, plus a safety net to stop you crashing if you have a bad day in the test center.

Certification is a great validation of what you know, and how you apply that knowledge, it’s the advantage you take into a job interview, the credibility you add to discussions: you’re a Microsoft Certified Professional!

Wayne McGlinn


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