An azure blue sky … with cloud on the horizon!

Ah, I love word play, although my students call them “dad jokes” (sure sign of encroaching old age!) A respected, venerable colleague of mine, let’s call him Gerg, had an … interesting problem this evening. Gerg had a VM running in Azure and to fix a minor problem, Gerg disabled the network interface, intending, of course, to immediately re-enable it. Um. Gerg realised that once you disable the network interface, in a VM, in the Cloud .. it becomes a little difficult to connect back to that VM .. the VM with only one interface .. to re-enable it. An appeal to social media did produce a fix (an lots of unseemly laughter, not from me of course! well, maybe a discreet snicker .. or guffaw) Niro rode to the rescue and pointed out a blog post that points out a quick way (resize the VM) to solve above mentioned problem. Gerg did point out it was a deliberate error to see if Niro knew the solution (ok, bit of poetic license there, never let facts get in the way of a good yarn!). Good reference though, and I’m going to be keeping out of both Gerg and Niro’s way at TENA and TEAU 🙂


get IT right!




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