MythBusters! 700 does not equal 70%!

Whaaat? Context please! OK, bit of background needed … Exams (wince) (groan) are something we professionals need to sit on a regular basis. Love them or hate them, the exams – especially when we pass! – are a validation of our knowledge and confirmation that the course and/or study we did shows our competency. For all too long, the 700 pass mark we strive for has been misinterpreted as being 70%, after all, the exams are out of 1000, so 700 = 70%. Strictly speaking, mathematically, it does. But, to Liberty Munson, Psychomagician Extraordinaire at Microsoft Learning (LeX), it means something totally different. Go to the LeX Born To Learn blog and watch the video, the ladies explain it much better than I could!

get IT right!



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