Documentation? Who needs it!

Scenario: Monday morning the Boss taps on your cubicle wall and casually informs you that there is a security audit team arriving shortly … oh, did I forget to tell you? Sorry, but your documentation *is* up to date, isn’t it. That was a statement, not a question, so do you smile and reach for a folder (hard copy hasn’t quite died off yet) or does sweat break out on your forehead?

Of course this isn’t an issue, we all keep our documentation up to date, filed on the server and hard copy, don’t we 🙂

System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager has 15 Security Roles, each has permissions that can be assigned to securable objects. You can also copy the default Roles and create your own, customized permission profile. Recording and create documentation for a large organization could become a nightmare. Let’s look at an updated (Dec 2013) spreadsheet that will make a life so much easier for you. Simply download the spreadsheet from and start filling in your Administrative Groups and their associated Roles. It will take time, but nowhere near as much if you started from scratch!

Now, where did I put that folder …

get IT right



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